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Tony Bevington - Why growing cannabis for my kidney disease is not a crime

September 10, 2020 Tony Bevington Episode 18
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Tony Bevington - Why growing cannabis for my kidney disease is not a crime
Show Notes

80-year-old Tony Bevington is no ordinary retiree. A paramedic in his youth, Tony spent his 50s and 60s volunteering with the VSO teaching agriculture to communities in Papua New Guinea and Botswana.

Unfortunately in his 70s, ill health caught up with Tony and he developed kidney disease, glaucoma and arthritis. With his experience in self sufficiency and knowledge of agriculture and medicine, Tony decided to explore growing cannabis to manage his health conditions.

Thankfully, since using cannabis medicinally (which he spoke about openly), Tony's kidney disease and glaucoma have both stabilised.

Unfortunately, that openness prompted a tip-off to the police who came on two occasions to confiscate Tony's plants.

On the 16th November, Tony will be attending magistrate court in Truro, where he faces charges of cultivation and production. If found guilty of production, which implies an intention to supply to others, Tony could lose his house and be sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Despite Tony's determination to fight the charge of production, going to court weighs heavily on his shoulders and he is currently experiencing dangerously high levels of stress and anxiety.

Tony needs our support and his story must be shared far and wide so that the government is forced to concede that their current stance is not fit for purpose, causing immense distress for the 1.4 million people in the UK who turn to the black market for their cannabis medicine.

For more information about Tony's campaign, head to his Facebook Page 

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