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Justin Clarke - cannabis, autism and me

January 12, 2021 Justin Clarke Episode 26
Cannabis Voices
Justin Clarke - cannabis, autism and me
Show Notes

In this fascinating interview, Justin Clarke gives a unique insight into how cannabis helps him cope with the sensory overload and anxiety commonly experienced by people with autism (ASD).

When we hear about cannabis  and autism, it's often the experiences of parents caring for children with severe ASD that get shared. So it is refreshing to hear from Justin as he describes with great creativity the interior world of a neurodiverse mind.

Before trying cannabis, Justin was prescribed antidepressants to manage the depression and anxiety that often going alongside autism, leaving him feeling numb and fatigued.

In contrast, cannabis has enabled Justin to fully embrace life and trying new experiences such as stand up and public speaking, which previously would have filled him with horror and dread.

I really recommend listening to Justin's first ever stand up routine - and as Justin mentions - it includes a gag about cannabis.


Justin's stand up

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