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John Malanca - keeping Corinne's legacy alive

February 11, 2021 John Malanca Episode 28
Cannabis Voices
John Malanca - keeping Corinne's legacy alive
Show Notes

There are few voices more recognisable across the cannabis-curious world than John Malanca's.

With his wife and love of his life Corinne, John fronted the global docuseries, 'The Sacred Plant' that's been seen by over 600,000 people worldwide.

Their introduction to the healing powers of the cannabis plant came when Corinne's dad, given just months to live with terminal cancer, made a full recovery after he began taking cannabis oil.

The couple went on to start The United Patients Group, a go-to source for medical cannabis education for patients, care-givers and health professionals alike.

Tragically in 2017, Corinne herself was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and despite trying everything medicine had to offer, including cannabis, she sadly passed away just 4 months later.

Left without his life partner, John threw himself into the second series of the Sacred Plant, but has since stepped away and is now back concentrating on the United Patients Group once more.

John speaks honestly and openly about his struggles to deal with the grief following Corinne's death, and how continuing the work they started together has helped him find meaning in the darkest times.

John is happy to hear from anyone going through or supporting someone with terminal illness, particularly pancreatic cancer, and he can be contacted through the United Patients Group website or

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