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Dr Vincent Maida - cannabis for the treatment of wounds and ulcers

July 29, 2021 Dr Vincent Maida Episode 40
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Dr Vincent Maida - cannabis for the treatment of wounds and ulcers
Show Notes

Healing leg ulcers and wounds is one of those unsexy areas that rarely get spoken about possibly because most people that have them are elderly and immobile.

But as Dr Vincent Maida, a Canadian palliative care physician explains, right now current protocols do for treating these painful and debilitating wounds overall do not have successful outcomes.

Dr Maida's work in palliative care over the years exposed him to the therapeutic use of cannabis based medicines, piquing his interest into wondering whether cannabis might also help heal his patients' leg ulcers.

Using his own patented formula combining cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, Dr Maida has published various papers that show in the patient population treated with topical cannabis, they experienced far superior wound healing compared with standard treatment alone.

So far, the research has been preliminary and in open label studies, but according to Dr Maida, clinical studies are hopefully in the offing.


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