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Sam Cannon - Beyond The Green at Cop26

October 07, 2021 Sam Cannon Episode 43
Cannabis Voices
Sam Cannon - Beyond The Green at Cop26
Show Notes

Today we speak to Sam Cannon, who didn't take no for an answer when his hemp-focussed applications to the upcoming Cop26 UN Climate Summit were turned down.

Instead he decided to put his passion for hemp and background in music and events to good use, organising an exciting new fringe festival called 'Beyond The Green' at St Lukes in Glasgow on the 5th, 6th and 7th of November.

In this episode, we hear how Sam's passion for campaigning for changing the stigma about hemp and cannabis really came to fruition when his 'day job' Djing and touring with Formula E, the motorsport championship for electric cars, ground to a halt in the pandemic.

Sam also gives us a whistle stop tour of the potential hemp (or is it cannabis) holds for the planet and the overall health of its human inhabitants, as well as his thoughts on why the government are taking so long to listen to the science surrounding hemp's role in becoming carbon neutral. 

For more information about Beyond The Green Fringe Festival head to this website.

Information on the line up and ticket details for the Earth Aid event on Saturday 6th November head to this website.

And to see a clip from the interview Sam did we me sitting on a log:  Youtube

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