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The CBD Book Special - exclusive interviews

January 07, 2021 Emily Wilson, Eve Roginska, Dan Rodwell, Jo Moss, Lin Coxon Episode 25
Cannabis Voices
The CBD Book Special - exclusive interviews
Show Notes

Happy new year everyone. I'm sure most of us are glad to see the back of a year that was largely dominated by Covid 19.

Last year year wasn't all bad for me personally as I wrote and had published my first ever book -  'The CBD Book: The Essential Guide to CBD oil' (Harper Collins).

In what is essentially a roadmap for anyone curious about trying CBD, the book is a clear and easy-to-read guide covering everything from how to choose a CBD oil, current research, tips on how to get the most out of your CBD oil and some incredible case studies that really put the potential CBD has for our optimising our health into a real world context.

In fact, it's these case studies that inspired me to start this podcast; it's one thing to cut and paste interviews into an article or book, but quite another to hear the true emotion in someone's voice (hence the name of this podcast Cannabis Voices).

Many of you will have heard Sharon McEvoy's emotional interview which was one of the first podcast episodes I published and only recently I interviewed Vera Twomey who also features in the book.

But as a special treat to welcome in the new year, I've put together a compilation of some incredible other interviews that feature in the book.

1. Emily Wilson who uses CBD to manage the anxiety and PTSD she has experienced while working on a refugee camp in Athens (

2. Eve Roginska with her incredible story of using CBD to come off the steroids she was prescribed for a mystery inflammatory brain condition

3. Dan Rodwell who uses CBD to manage both his Crohn's disease symptoms and attributes CBD oil for his miraculous recovery from a rare autoimmune condition Guillan-Barré Syndrome

4. Jo Moss, whose chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia only has only improved since using CBD oil.  (Jo's Blog - )

5. Lin Coxon - diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, she started using CBD oil while waiting for chemo to start, only to discover that her tumours had shrunk by two thirds.

If you want to buy 'The CBD Book,' it's available in hardback and ebook on Amazon and other retailers such as Waterstones, Blackwells and WH Smith

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